Canon Printer Vs HP Printer: Which one is The Best?

Deciding among two big giant Companies: Canon Printer or HP Printer is literally a very tough task! This post covers some amazing points which will make it easy to decide.

Canon and HP, both these companies provide excellent quality and promise a lot in providing good support also. We can take any point like Printing! Scanning! Photocopying! We will find that both companies give tough competition to each other.

But the challenge for us is to decide which one of them is the best by going through every minute point. Here some of the conclusion which will help in taking a decision easily.

1. Comparison of Speed

Both companies printer provide excellent speed but if we check the average clocked speed then we will see that Canon Printer has 7.7 ppm and HP has 8.6 ppm speed.

Canon TS6020 is the fastest printer among all Canon Printer and HP OfficeJet 4650 among all HP Printers. So if we compare them, we will see that Canon TS6020 is the best.

Winner- Canon Printer

2. Ink Cost

The most important factor while buying a new printer is the Ink cost of a printer. We always keep our budget in our mind and according to it, we decide.

According to the survey done by the quality team, Canon Printers delivers the lower ink cost than HP Printers. Canon Printer takes 10.9 cents per page while HP Printer takes 18.9 cents per page.

Winner- Canon Printer

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3. Printing Quality

Nowadays, HP Printers delivers high-quality text prints. It prints sharp text with great clocking speed. But if you have to print PDF document which requires good text as well as graphics quality then Canon Printer is the best because it prints the sleekest and sharpest text whereas various HP Printers produces fuzzier type edges.

Winner- Canon Printer

4. Scanning Quality

Canon Printers produces textures than HP Printers as the testing done by the Quality team finds many technical quirks in HP. Canon Printer has literally taken the lead over HP Printer. Canon prints one of the finest quality texts.

Winner- Canon Printer

Finally, the winner is decided and it goes to the “Canon Printer”.

So without no doubt “GO FOR CANON PRINTERS

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