Something About the Norton Antivirus Versions

The Norton antivirus is very different to another antivirus due to some security region because it is more reliable and another one is this is the software development. This is available for all services and runs this in the Microsoft windows and macOS. 

Norton Windows’s editions 

Windows edition:  

If we are talking about the windows edition then this is very old and first edition and this product activation are introduced in Norton antivirus in something like 2004. Very more product they have something like as the 4 million and Norton product sale. And this has the alphabetical code this is generated to identify computer configurations and this has the product key and Et-cetera… 

Version 2006

This has the best interface and we can say that in the other world this has the user interface and the information is the central user's interface. If we are talking about this version then this very delightful. The windows 2000 servicing pack or windows XP they required the call for the operating system. And if you want more information about this then in this condition you can visit our Norton customer support number

Version 2007

There is in this version the Norton antivirus is on the rampage on the 12 September in 2006.  This is the very high system for the goal and for this antivirus the hardware required some technical in under Vista it has the minimum space for this 150Mb and other think is processor 800MHz and need of the ram is 512MB.  If taking about the compatibility this has the 32Bit version of the windows vista. 

Version 2008

The antivirus Norton 2008 is on the rampage on the August 2007.  This is found with the new version with the latest technology included with the sonar. If you install this in your system then your need means system basic need is the 32bit version of the windows XP. And space has the 300MB and processor is 300MHz and required for the ram is the 256MB. 

Version 2009

The Norton antivirus 2009 is on the rampage on the September 2008.  There are 275 changes when is made with the 0 collapse. When you want to install this then your need is the 32-bit version of the windows XP. And space requirement is the 150Mb. The processor is the 300MHz and ram is the 256Mb. If you have any query for this information then you can contact us on the Norton technical support number.


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